Fruit Gushers by Pluto Craft Cannabis


3G, 7G, 14G, 28G

Fruit Gushers, also known as “White Gushers” or simply Gushers, is an exotic indica-dominant hybrid and member of the illustrious Cookies lineage of strains. This batch of Fruit Gushers by Pluto Craft Cannabis exudes a sweet terpene profile, with notes of juicy grape and fresh berries, similar to Runtz or Zkittlez.

LINEAGE Gelato #41 x Triangle Kush
EFFECTS Euphoric, Relaxed, Cerebral & Happy
CLASSIFICATION Indica-dominant
TERPENE PROFILE Fruity, Vanilla, Berries & Sweet
  • 3G
  • 7G
  • 14G
  • 28G

Fruit Gushers by Pluto Craft Cannabis

This strain will knock you back to the sweet 90s with its classic take on the fruity, jelly filled candies! Also known as Gushers or White Gushers, the Fruit Gushers strain was originally created by Cookies Fam Genetics by crossing Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush. This indica hybrid phenotype is bred by professional breeders at Pluto Craft Cannabis, who have also brought us a plethora of other new and exciting strains like Fruity PebblesMike TysonAstro Pink Kush and so much more! This phenotype of Fruit Gushers by Pluto Craft Cannabis offers us a delectable blend of flavors that are bursting with sweet and sour fruits, a perfect mouthful of delicious to pair with its extremely relaxing high that is to be adored by all lovers of craft cannabis!


An ideal choice for both medical and recreational usage, Fruit Gushers delivers an insanely relaxing high both mentally and physically. It first starts off, however, as a rush of euphoria that can be tingly, giving users a nice mellow uplift that helps them ease into a state of happiness and contentment. As you begin to unwind, this euphoric rush begins to settle throughout the body, washing over you in waves of relaxation and peace that is calming without being overwhelming or sleepy. This relaxing body high makes it great for a night in while chilling and watching movies, but since it’s not sedating, it can also be used during the daytime. Its calming effects make it ideal for treating anxiety, stress, as well as chronic pains.

THC Content

The Fruit Gushers strain is more indica leaning, with a ratio of 60% indica dominance to 40% sativa, though some batches may carry a slightly stronger dominance with a ratio of 65% to 35%. Its THC levels have been measured to average between 21% to 23%, but this strain can be found to reach as high as 25% THC potency. Its parent strain, Gelato #41, makes for just as delicious of a treat as its successor. A cross of two famed delectable dessert strains, Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, the Gelato strain is also an indica hybrid with 55% dominance to 45% sativa, as well as a THC potency that averages around 20%. Triangle Kush, Gushers’ other parent strain, is a stronger indica with a ratio of 85% to 15%, with 20% THC potency as well as 1% CBD.

Appearance & Aroma

Fruit Gushers nugs are small and round, but have an elongated tip, giving it a cone like shape. They are densely packed, and come in an olive green shade, some batches also have hues of purple throughout. Its pistils are a pale brown orange, which are easily covered up by its thick and generous coat of crystal white trichomes. Its aromas are freshly earthy and herbal, though there are overtones of tropical fruits and grapes. With a flavour profile to match, users will particularly enjoy the candy-like blend of this strain. Reminiscent of the gummy candies, Fruit Gushers is a combination of sweet and sour berries and grapes, though there are also undertones of creamy cookies, spices and herbs to offer a tastier and richer flavour!


3G, 7G, 14G, 28G


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