Twisted Citrus


3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G

An extremely rare sativa hybrid, the Twisted Citrus is a powerfully potent craft strain that is highly sought after for both its strong upbeat high and bold, delicious fruity flavours! With strong citrus and tropical fruit terpenes that are reminiscent of a medley of oranges, pineapples and bananas, the Twisted Citrus is for all the flavour chasers, sativa lovers and power high seekers out there!

EFFECTS Uplifted, Energetic, Creative, Focused & Happy
TERPENE PROFILE Citrus, Tropical, Fruity & Earthy
  • 3.5G
  • 7G
  • 14G
  • 28G
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Twisted Citrus

This twisted strain will wind you up in all the right ways! A rare and highly coveted strain, the Twisted Citrus is a super potent strain that is popular for its energetic and upbeat high and delicious flavour profile that is bursting with sweet and tart citrus fruits! Its parental lineage remains a mystery to this day, though its amazing effects are definitely no secret! With THC levels that can soar as high as 27% potency, it offers users a powerful uplift that can get you through any tough day! Perfect for citrus lovers, its blend of citrus and tropical fruits are just an added bonus. Bursting with ripe oranges with accents of bananas and pineapples, all paired with undertones of rich earthiness and a mellow high, you’ll be feeling as if you’re basking in the sun amongst fruit orchards!


Twisted Citrus starts off as a cerebral high and you’ll initially notice tingling towards the back of your head before it explodes into a full blown euphoria. It will give you an energizing and motivational boost that is also upbeat and uplifting, making it an ideal choice for a morning wake and bake to get the day started on just the right note! This also makes it a particularly useful strain for those who suffer from chronic fatigue, stress, depression and anxiety. As an energy and mood booster, it would be a great pick me up throughout the day when you begin to feel down or tired. It’s quite versatile as it also offers a mellow body high that can alleviate mild body pains, including inflammation, headaches, cramps and nausea.

THC Content

The Twisted Citrus is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with THC levels that have been tested to range from 20% to as high as a staggering 27% potency, though typically averages at 24%. With these numbers, Twisted Citrus is easily situated at the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to potent strains! Despite its mystery background, there is no secret to its enjoyably strong high. Not only do these numbers paint the picture for its strength, you can simply feel it once you’ve had a few tokes!

Appearance & Aroma

Twisted Citrus nuggets have a minty olive overtone with short but plentiful amber coloured pistils and greyish, forest green leaves. They are on the smaller side with a round but elongated shape. Coated with an abundance of sparkling white trichomes, they also have a crystallized sheen that gives them a luxurious finish! But even though it’s pretty, it’s not known for its looks. Aside from its euphoric high, many enjoy this strain for its tasty flavours alone! Its aromas carry the classic cannabis notes of earthiness and hashy spice, though there are strong overtones of citrus and tropical fruits, most notably ripe oranges, pineapples and bananas! Some users also note that there are hints of grapefruit. The flavours that you can taste when smoking and exhaling offer a delicious sweet fruit medley of those citrus and tropical aromas in addition to tart lemons, and a lingering rich earthy undertone will nicely balance out the rich citrus!


3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G


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