Romulan Cheese



Next Generation Seeds has taken a combination of stellar North American and classic Dutch genetics to create a heavyset sativa-dominant strain. Romulan Cheese, just like the name suggests, is a cross between Romulan and the original Cheese phenotype. This heavy-hitter combines the best genetics from Holland, with one of North America’s most cerebral and introspective strains.

LINEAGE Romulan x Cheese
EFFECTS Cerebral, Uplifted, Euphoric, Relaxed & Giggly
CLASSIFICATION Sativa-dominant
TERPENE PROFILE Sweet, Cheese, Earthy & Pungent
  • 28G

Romulan Cheese

Contrary to its name, this isn’t some type of fancy extraterrestrial fromage from the Star Trek universe. Rather, Romulan Cheese is a heavy hitting sativa hybrid created by professional cannabis growers and sci-fi aficionados at Next Generation Seeds. Made by crossing the legendary Romulan and ever so pungent Cheese strains, Romulan Cheese has unique fruity and cheesy flavours and delivers users a powerful high! Backed by up to 19% potency, it is strong cerebrally and heavy on the body so may be an ideal choice for medical users seeking an effective sativa!


The high of Romulan Cheese admittedly starts off pretty mild, beginning as a cerebral uplift. As it progresses, it becomes introspective which can spark a bout of creativity. It is also energizing and these wakening effects make it a great choice for a morning strain, though as it progresses, it can be quite heavy both cerebrally and physically as your mind further enters euphoria and your body also succumbs to a relaxing state of content and peace. Because it is a heavy hitting strain, it is perhaps best suited for a weekend or lazy day in, and can even be a good choice for evening usage in stronger doses. Its uplifting and happy effects make it a great medical choice for users seeking to alleviate symptoms of depression and chronic stress. Its relaxing nature on the body can also help alleviate severe pains or aches, whether chronic or temporary, as well as inflammation, headaches, migraines and muscle spasms. Despite its energizing nature, because it is so relaxing, it could also help mitigate insomnia and help users get a good night’s rest!

THC Content

Romulan Cheese is a sativa dominant hybrid. Its THC levels typically measure at 19% potency, which, while not the highest numbers found on the market, still deliver pretty heavy hitting effects that the strain is known for. It was created by Next Generation Seeds by crossing Romulan, named after one of the humanoid aliens in the Star Trek series, with the famous Dutch Cheese strain. Romulan is an indica strain with THC levels averaging between 20% to 24%, and also offers 1% CBD and 1% CBN. Cheese is also an indica hybrid strain, though it is commonly noted to have strong sativa effects. It typically carries 15% to 20% THC potency along with 1% CBN.

Appearance & Aroma

The nugs of the Romulan Cheese strain are a tad bit fluffy with a rounded, cone shape. Its colours are predominantly a pale green, similar to olives and moss, with bits of pale golden brown pistils spotting throughout. Its crystal trichomes finish it off with a glittery sheen. The strain is rather pungent and spicy, with notable notes of a creamy cheese due to its genetics from its Dutch parent, though it also has strong and rather pleasant notes of fruity citrus, reminiscent of lemon as well as fragrant lemongrass. Some users even note hints of cherries and florals! It’s definitely one of the more unique aromatic and flavour profiles found in cannabis, and this blend of sour, sweet and spicy is nothing short of delicious!




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