Lava Cake #11


Lava Cake #11

Perfect for any sweet tooth and dessert lover, this may easily be your next favourite dessert and strain–a two for one deal! As a pinnacle in the cannabis community, it’s no surprise that the expert breeders at Emerald Family Farms created such a beauty with the irresistible lava cake strain (or simply Lava Cake for short)! A cross of the popular GSC phenotype, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and the Grape Pie strains, Lava Cake #11 is a heavy hitting and ultra relaxing indica hybrid, offering a calming and euphoric high that is backed by a THC content that reaches upwards of 21%. Its uplifting and sedative nature can cater towards a variety of medical cannabis users, and with a unique flavour profile that blends chocolate, nuts, fruits and mint, this is a dessert that any sweet tooth will enjoy! Pair it with an after dinner delight, a real piece of lava cake, or simply enjoy it on its own! lava cake strain

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While Lava Cake #11 can be quite strong, it offers a high that can be enjoyed by all users of cannabis no matter your level of experience. It starts off as a cerebral head high that is deeply euphoric and uplifting, effects that will be quick to wash away any stress or worries! There is a slight rush of energy, though this is short lived and you’d be better off with a clear schedule as the high soon progresses into a state of peace and calmness. A deep relaxation will settle over you that can make you feel lazy, and it is commonly reported to be sedative, so would be helpful in alleviating chronic pains, including those associated with migraines and headaches, or feelings of nausea. It is not too overpowering to the extent of couchlock, but it is definitely relaxing enough to help fight insomnia and put you to a good night’s sleep when you need it! Great for the end of a long day or for when you’re feeling lazy and just want to kick back and relax, Lava Cake #11 is a treat in more ways than one!


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