Ghost Dawg


Ghost Dawg

Like a fleeting ghost, this super exclusive strain is extremely rare to come by! Ghost Dawg is the child of two powerhouse cult favourites, the Ghost OG and the Chemdawg. Like its famous parents, the Ghost Dawg is an indica hybrid, and has been compared to the likes of other famous indica powerhouses like the Gorilla Glue #4! It is known to have a strong body high with calming effects that work on both mind and body, making it the perfect relaxation strain. The strength of its effects can be sedative as well, making it an ideal self-medicating choice for medicinal users of cannabis. Its THC levels have been reported to reach over 30% which explains its heavy nature. With pungent yet sweet and fruity citrus flavours, Ghost Dawg is not only relaxing but also fresh and delicious!

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Definitely not a morning wake and bake, the Ghost Dawg is best geared for cleared schedules like the weekends and days off, or for the evenings before you snooze! It produces a sedative and couch locking body high so you’ll want to get comfy and cozy when using this strain. It does also offer calming cerebral effects which can be a great destressor and mood stabilizer. Some have reported that its cerebral effects can be psychedelic though overall you’ll remain relaxed and content. This can cater well to medicinal users who suffer from depression, chronic stress, anxiety, PTSD mood swings and bipolar disorder. Its heavy bodily effects will also provide effective pain relief including pains and aches associated with cramps, headaches, migraines, arthritis, muscle spasms and more. This strain is not recommended for beginners due to its strength, and users should be mindful of how much they are consuming for their desired effects.

THC Content

Ghost Dawg is an indica hybrid strain and its THC levels are known to average from 17% to 24% potency, however it has also been tested to reach as high as an intimidating 32%! Its parent, the Ghost OG (or Ghost OG Kush), is also an indica hybrid with 70% dominance to 30% sativa with similar THC content averaging from 18% to 24%. The other parent, Chemdawg, is balanced with only a slightly indica leaning dominance at a ratio of 55% to 45%. Its THC levels are consistently closer to around 19% on tests, and known to be more potent than most! Despite these two being the parents of the strain, many also compare Ghost Dawg to Gorilla Glue #4, which just so happens to be another powerhouse indica and crowd favourite. It is also commonly called Original Glue or shortened to GG4, and has been tested to range from 18% to 32% in THC potency!


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