Blue Cheese


3G, 7G, 14G, 28G

Blue Cheese is the perfect indica-dominant strain for those looking to relax after a long day of work. As a cross between Blueberry and U.K. Cheese, you can expect this heavy-hitter to uplift your mind while easing you of all your pain! Delectable and smooth, Blue Cheese is a stoner classic that’s meant for everyone!

LINEAGE Blueberry x UK Cheese
EFFECTS Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Hungry & Sleepy
CLASSIFICATION Indica-dominant
TERPENE PROFILE Cheese, Berry, Creamy & Earthy
  • 3G
  • 7G
  • 14G
  • 28G

Blue Cheese

While the bold flavours of aged blue cheeses might be an acquired taste for some, this Blue Cheese marijuana strain is surprisingly as fruity as it is pungent, and is sure to be more of a crowd pleaser than its dairy counterpart! Admittedly, this is a cheesy tasting and smelling strain, but even though its name is indicative of the moldy cheese, this strain is as fruity blueberry in flavour as it is pungent; it is more so named after its parental lineage as a hybrid cross of Blueberry and UK Cheese strains. Despite being an indica-dominant strain, Blue Cheese offers both indica and sativa effects, offering users a well-rounded and amazingly enjoyable high that can cater to medical or recreational usage. Having a charcuterie board night? The Blue Cheese strain is the perfect addition! Having a charcuterie board night? The Blue Cheese strain is the perfect addition!


Despite being an indica-dominant hybrid, the high of Blue Cheese offers amazing effects that are characteristic of both indica and sativa types. It may take a few minutes to notice the strain taking any effect as the high creeps up on users relatively slowly. Once it starts to settle, a feeling of deep physical relaxation is what’s first noticeable before a mellow mood washes over you. Even with this mellow feeling, however, users will remain focused. The high is also mildly euphoric and joyful, making Blue Cheese a particularly relaxing strain both on the body and mind. This combination of body relaxation paired with uplifting and clear-headed sativa effects make the Blue Cheese strain beneficial for treating temporary or chronic pains, as well as helpful in alleviating symptoms of PTSD, stress, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD. Taken in enough doses, it can induce couch-lock or counteract insomnia as well, so is best suited for early evenings or nighttime.

THC Content

The Blue Cheese strain averages at 20% to 21% THC and has an indica to sativa ratio of 80%:20%. Its parent, Blueberry, is a Cannabis Cup award winner for best indica and is one of the most popular on the market. It has the same indica to sativa ratio, though encompasses a wider THC range average of 16% to 24%, and it also carries 1% CBD. UK Cheese, on the other hand, is another indica-dominant hybrid with the same 80%:20% ratio, though it was created from inbreeding Skunk #1 which is sativa-dominant. UK Cheese carries 20% to 23% THC with 1% CBD and 1% CBN on average.

Appearance & Aroma

Blue Cheese buds are relatively large, and typical of indicas, its leaves are very tightly packed and dense. They are light to medium green in colour with wiry orange pistils. A highly resinous strain, it can be frosty in appearance with its thick coating of trichomes. With a tangy, sour-like cheese aroma and flavour, one might be reminded of parmesan or gouda, though the flowers primarily give off a sweet and fruity blueberry scent as well. Upon smoking, however, users will taste a burst of sweet blueberries complemented by earthiness and spices rather than a full-blown cheese flavour, though the pungent scent of musky cheese is always prevalent.


3G, 7G, 14G, 28G


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