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BC Kush is a legendary indica strain that is well known for its potency and pain alleviating effects. Originating out of beautiful British Columbia, the reputation of BC Kush has solidified itself all across Canada, and for good reason.

EFFECTS Relaxed, Happy, Sedated, Sleepy & Hungry
TERPENE PROFILE Earthy, Woody, Gas & Pine
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BC Kush (Bulk)

A true Canadian classic as well as the pride and joy of the Pacific Northwest, BC Kush is a two time Cannabis Cup award winner for Best Indica, and has become more than just a local legend as it has come to represent the innovation and quality cannabis of British Columbian growers. Created by professional breeders at BC Bud Depot, this strain, which is a pure indica, was made by crossing two already popular strains: BC Grapefruit and Kush. This bud has THC levels that measure at a staggering 27% potency on average and is famous for allowing users to achieve ultimate relaxation. Being one of the strongest strains available on the cannabis market, you can best bet that you’ll be experiencing a hell of a heavy hitting high with this one! With a sweet blend of fruits paired with classic notes of kush and earth, there is no wonder why this strain has become such a hit within cannabis communities throughout the north and abroad!


An ideal choice for whenever you are needing some deep relaxation after a long stressful day or for some effective pain relief, BC Kush starts off with an onset of deep euphoria that will leave users feeling extremely happy. The upbeat high also induces feelings of increased sociability and creativity, though can be quickly couch locking and sedating as your body also undergoes a blissful state of relaxation. Its heavy, sedative nature makes it ideal for treating chronic pains and aches including those associated with autoimmune disorders, as well as muscle spasms, inflammation and tremors. Its happy and uplifting effects are also helpful in washing away negative thoughts and stress. Due to its heavy nature, this strain is best used during evenings or weekends.

THC Content

BC Kush is a 100% pure indica strain. Its THC content is well above average, typically measuring at 27% potency. Created by BC Bud Depot, it is the result of crossing BC Grapefruit and Kush strains. In comparison to its parents, BC Grapefruit is a sativa dominant hybrid with 15% to 20% THC potency, while Kush is a balanced hybrid with upwards of 21% THC and 1% CBD. With so many derivatives of Kush, however, many speculate the second parent could be OG Kush, while others guess it may be some other Kush variant or phenotype. With such an amazing track record for delivering users some of the best and heaviest highs, it is inevitable that there are also breeders who put a twist on the strain and branch off from the original, creating strains such as Pink BC Kush, Purple BC Kush, and BC Kush OG.

Appearance & Aroma

The nugs of BC Kush are super dense, which can make them feel hard at the touch. Because it is so densely packed, it also has a bit of a chunkiness to it, giving it a popcorn like shape. They are olive green in colour, while its pistils are tiny, wiry and more of a dark brownish orange shade, similar to dried orange rinds. It is quite resinous with a frosty layer of trichomes. The strain is quite dank with a dominant skunky aroma, though this is accented by other overtones of woody earthiness and a citrus sweetness that can be compared to fresh grapefruit. There are also hints of a kushy spice. Upon smoking, users will taste a vanilla creaminess in addition to sweet grapefruit flavours, making for a delightful blend for arn oatherwise pungent strain!


1/2LB, 1LB


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